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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy February!

Hello all, and a belated Happy New Year! I cannot believe that a month of 2o10 has gone by already! I truly intended, going into the new year, to do more frequent blog updates...however, life sometimes gets in the way! I've had a quite eventful 2010 so far - a number of performances, discussions about booking my Connie Francis show on the road, rehearsals/preparations for my new show...well, you get the idea!
So, where does that bring us? Right now, having been newly freed from my day job, I'm doubling and tripling up on my efforts to make a living as a performer. Singing, acting, background work in t.v. or film - you name it, I'm up for it - as long as it does not involve sitting behind a desk for 9 hours a day! I'm casting the net far and wide and hoping that something sticks! I also am continuing to enjoy writing my weekly column, "The Cabaret Chronicles," for BroadwayWorld - so if you're wondering what I've been seeing or hearing recently, be sure to check that out!
Hope this finds you all doing well, and hopefully I'll have another update for you soon!


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