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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jenna Esposito- "Fa l'amore con te" live from Little Italy on 8-14-10.

Greetings, all! I hope this finds you doing well! I know, I know, it's been AGES since I've written on here! I've been very fortunate, though, to have had a very busy year so far...and I've been so busy doing things that I've been left with very little time to write for fun! Now seems like as good a time as any, though, as I have some very exciting news to share!

Today, my band and I will be heading into the studio to do a record "Fa L'Amore Con Te," the beautiful song that can be heard on the video posted here! The song was written by Ernie Rossi of E. Rossi & Co., which has been a Little Italy institution for 100 years. Back in the day, E. Rossi & Co. were major publishers of Italian music, and they actually published two of Connie Francis' Italian songs! So for me, that makes this all the more special! By working with Ernie, I feel a connection not only to Connie but to all of the incredible singers who have been connected with E. Rossi & Co. over the years. It's truly inspiring to feel that I am a part of that tradition, and I'm honored that Ernie has given me this gem of a song to record!

Stay tuned for news on the recording, but for now, please enjoy the video on YouTube!

All the best,